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BA9 - Cage stencil
BA9 Cage
9.85 x 6.1"
(250 x 155mm)
Price: £17.95 (GBP)
BA8 - Beast stencil
BA8 Beast
12 x 7.7"
(305 x 196mm)
Price: £17.95 (GBP)
BA7 - Pot plant stencil
BA7 Pot Plant
8.8 x 7.7"
(224 x 196mm)
Price: £11.25 (GBP)
BA6 - Footprints stencil
BA6 Footprints
10.6 x 7.75"
(269 x 197mm)
Price: £17.95 (GBP)
BA5 - Fingerprint stencil
BA5 Fingerprint
10.4 x 6.65"
(264 x 169mm)
Price: £22.45 (GBP)
BA4-X - Camouflage stencil
BA3 - Tyre tracks stencil
BA3 Tyre Tracks
8.8 x 7.15"
(224 x 182mm)
Price: £22.45 (GBP)
BA2 - Boot prints stencil
BA2 Boot Prints
12.2 x 8.25"
(310 x 210mm)
Price: £17.95 (GBP)
BA1 - Barbed wire stencil
BA1 Barbed Wire
9.4 x 7.2"
(239 x 183mm)
Price: £17.95 (GBP)
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