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Garden Room Stencils

A collection of Plant and Flower stencils both large and small; from delicate lavenders and daisies to towering sunflowers and palms. There is also a collection of Pots, Vases and Planter stencils in this range which can be combined with, or used independently of the plant stencils.
Chinese stencils
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Chinese stencils
Garden Room Small Flower Stencils   Garden Room Tall Flower Stencils   Garden Room Designer Stencils   Garden Room Palms & Grasses Stencils
Use the Small Flower stencils either as motifs to be arranged over a surface or in combination with the small pots available in this section. The Tall Flowers can either be set into panels in a formal scheme or used in a more natural, haphazard fashion. Designer stencils are sheets of component parts which allow the stenciller the freedom to dictate the finished size of the design. Palms and Grasses stencils are a collection of foliage based designs which also includes some house plants and fruits.
Chinese stencils
 Click any image below for stencils in that section of our Garden Room stencil range 
Chinese stencils
Garden Room Tree & Shrub Stencils   Garden Room Lily Stencils   Garden Room Miscellaneous Stencils   Garden Room Pot & Planter Stencils
Most of the Tree and Shrub stencils include a seperate trunk section which allows for variation in the height of the design. The Lily stencils encompass most of the common forms of the plant and look stunning when used in conjunction with our vase and pot stencils.
Miscellaneous stencils just don't seem to fit into any of the other collections in this category. Not tall, not small and some in baskets. There are also Repeat Pattern stencils of trellis and brickwork for background texture. ThePot and Planter stencils are a collection of containers which range from the humble flowerpot to elaborate Japanese and Turkish vases.
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