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Chrysanthemum No 2 stencil section.
Full Chrysanthemum No 2 design.
Design dimensions/information
Price (GBP)
6 x 7.2" (152 x 183mm)
12 x 14.4" (305 x 366mm)
The standard sizes for this design are shown above. Please select the quantity for the size of stencil you want to order. The dimensions refer to the actual size of the stencil design unless otherwise stated.
We can also supply this stencil design in a custom size.
This is part of a large range of different Japanese crest designs, code numbers JA74 - JA109. A motif stencil can be used singly or repeated in either a random or regimented pattern. To repeat a motif in a regimented pattern, have a look at our Gridfinder guide: a tool for marking out regular grids quickly, accurately and easily. It is listed in the "Accessories" section.
The illustration of the Chrysanthemum No 2 design on this page is not actual size and may only show part of the stencil. Click the image to see a small scale version of the entire stencil. All our stencils can be used with any colour paints to perfectly match your own colour scheme. Any colours shown are only our suggestions from the many possibilities available.
You can find many other, related stencil designs in our 'japan' range.
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