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Japanese Stencils

The graphic art of Japan has had a profound effect upon western culture. Without it, the work of Van Gogh, Whistler and many other artists would have looked profoundly different. It had a great influence on the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movements of the late 19th Century.
Chinese stencils
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Chinese stencils
Japanese Border Stencils   Japanese Fan Stencils   Japanese Repeat Pattern Stencils
The Japanese originated a vast repertoire of beautifully stylised motifs that have been used, over the centuries, to decorate just about every conceivable surface. The stencils in this collection illustrate just a few of these designs. Fans are an integral part of Japanese iconography and we have included several examples in this collection. As for Repeating Pattern stencils, they range from heavily detailed depictions of the natural world to extremely simple, yet effective, geometric patterns.
Chinese stencils
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Chinese stencils
Japanese Designer Stencils   Japanese Crest Stencils   Japanese Motif Stencils
The Designer stencils section of this category is made up of designs formed from sheets of component stencils which allow the decorator the freedom to choose the size and shape of the finished scheme. The Crest stencils are based on the Japanese family tradition which equates to our use of coats of arms. These elegant motifs would be used on everything from robes to armour. Despite being some hundreds of years old, these elegant designs still appeal to our modern sensibilities. The Motif stencil section of this category contains just about everything from Sumo Wrestlers and Geishas to Bonsai trees and butterflies.
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Wall stencils and stencil patterns
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