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Modern Design Stencils

A collection of stencils from the machine-based age of the twentieth century. For the Modernists, ornament, if it existed at all, comprised stark industrial motifs and the overall feel was one of functionality. Fortunately, this is only one aspect of modern design and the advent of Post- Modernism from the mid sixties onward put some fun and fantasy back into ornamentation and decoration.
Chinese stencils
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Chinese stencils
Modern Design Animal Print Stencils   Modern Design Optical Effect Stencils   Modern Design Repeat Pattern Stencils
The Animal Print stencils are a collection of fur and hide patterns guaranteed to enhance any decorative scheme. Extraordinary effects can be obtained by using unconventional colour combinations. Red crocodile or blue giraffe may sound improbable, but the results can be stunning. The Optical Effects stencils are based on designs from the mid sixties. For maximum impact they should be painted in bold black and white or clashing complementary colours. The Repeating Pattern stencils in this category are sourced from such diverse elements as woven fabrics and paint splashes.
Chinese stencils
 Click any image below for stencils in that section of our Modern Design stencil range 
Chinese stencils
Modern Design Border Stencils   Modern Design Motif Stencils   Modern Design Bad Attitude Stencils
A range of Border stencils which look particularly effective when used in vertical bands on wall surfaces. The Motif stencils include a range of designs from the sixties with a distinctly space age theme and a collection of shell designs with a 1950's feel. The final section in this category is a collection of irreverent stencils we call Bad Attitude and are aimed at the young or at least the young at heart.
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Wall stencils and stencil patterns
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