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This category includes our Moroccan themed designs.

At its height, the Ottoman Empire spanned 3 continents and included much of South Eastern Europe, The Middle East and North Africa. This collection of stencils is a fusion of designs from all these areas. The varying styles overlap and combine to give an overall flavour of the Land of the Arabian Nights. The look became popular in the Victorian period and the Arab Hall at Leighton House in London is a fine example. The Arts and Crafts movement was also strongly influenced and this can be seen in the exquisite tile work of artists like William de Morgan.
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Ottoman Border Stencils   Ottoman Repeat Pattern Stencils   Ottoman Tile Stencils
Our word 'Arabesque' was invented to describe the stylised interlaced foliage patterns common to much of Near and Middle Eastern decoration and examples of Arabesque work can be found in this collection of Border stencils. The Repeating Pattern stencils include Damask patterns - named after the craftsmen who fled to Venice and other European cities after the sack of Damascus in the 15th Century - combined with patterns from North African Moorish architecture and Persian carpets. Tiles were an important architectural feature of the region and this collection of Tile stencils shows the versatility of the designers and the intricacy that was possible.
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Chinese stencils
Ottoman Motif Stencils   Ottoman Panel Stencils
The Motif stencils are derived from diverse stylistic sources. There are Tulip and Carnation designs from Turkish Iznik pottery alongside designs which enable you to create you own Persian Carpet. The Panel stencils are large extravagant designs which could have graced the walls of the Alhambra or the Topkapi Palace.
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