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Regency and Empire Stencils

Although occuring at roughly the same time and sharing many of the same Neo- Classical motifs, the Regency and Empire styles were not closely connected. France and England were at war at the time and this restricted the flow of influences between the two countries. However, because of the superficial similarities between the the styles, we have placed them in the same collection. Both styles existed at the turn of the 18th Century, under Napoleon in France and the Prince Regent, later to be George IV, in England. The styles had some influence in the USA in what became known as the Federal Style.
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Both styles looked back to classical Greece and Rome, but with different intentions. Napoleon used the triumphal motifs of ancient Rome to glorify his military victories, wheras the Regency decorators adapted the motifs of classical Greece purely as light and elegant decoration. The Border stencils in this collection are from both styles and the Motif stencils concentrate on the Empire style and show many of the imperial military motifs which Napoleon admired. The Repeating Pattern stencils include a 6 point star repeat which was extremely popular at this time.
Chinese stencils
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Chinese stencils
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The Panel stencils include Neo-Classical cartouches and panels based on Roman originals. Also included in this section is a collection of stencils inspired by the work of the 18th Century Scottish architect and designer Robert Adam. Although, stricty speaking, the work of Adam falls before the Regency time frame, many of the motifs and the Neo-Classical feel are in keeping with the spirit of this collection. Budget Empire stencils are inexpensive and ideal for small decorating projects. They are a great place to start for first time stencillers.
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