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Occasionally, we make a mistake with some of our stencils and products. There might be a slight fault with the stencil or we have made the wrong size (yes, we can re-size a lot of our stencils, just email us to ask about a particular design). We also make mistakes when ordering supplies. We are offering you these mistakes at reduced prices. Apart from overstocked items, there is only one of that particular item and it will be sold on a first come, first served basis.
  • With damaged stencils (marked FAULT) every effort has been taken to describe the fault but if you would like more information, please email us. In the case of broken or nearly broken bridges, these can be repaired with a bit of tape which will render the stencil useable for stencilling. Creases do not impair stencilling at all - it is just that the stencil cannot be sold as perfect. You are buying the stencil as described.
  • Wrong size stencils - these are in perfect condition unless specified and are discounted from the price that would have been charged normally for a stencil at that special size. The size shown below the description is the actual size.
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X669 Proverb
7 x 50" (178 x 1270mm)
Price: £16.65 (GBP)
  X668 Proverb
7 x 50" (178 x 1270mm)
Price: £17.95 (GBP)
  X646 Urn
25 x 20" (635 x 508mm)
Price: £53.60 (GBP)
  X621 Border
5 x 12" (127 x 305mm)
Price: £11.25 (GBP)
X613 Motif
18.5 x 15.5" (470 x 394mm)
Price: £22.45 (GBP)
  X605 Motif
13 x 9" (330 x 229mm)
Price: £16.65 (GBP)
  X599 Motif
18.5 x 15.5" (470 x 394mm)
Price: £18.75 (GBP)
  X585 Border
8.5 x 24" (216 x 610mm)
Price: £22.45 (GBP)
X584 Repeat
33 x 20" (838 x 508mm)
Price: £66.75 (GBP)
  X559 Shimmer
34 x 34" (864 x 864mm)
Price: £56.25 (GBP)
  X556 Large Nursery Pack
15.5 x 22.5" (394 x 572mm)
Price: £28.15 (GBP)
  X550 Rocket
41.1 x 13.7" (1044 x 348mm)
Price: £33.65 (GBP)
X539 Taj Mahal Arch
31.5 x 65" (800 x 1651mm)
Price: £48.25 (GBP)
No image available
for this item
X518 Phrase - 'Be Our Guest'
Height: 3" (76mm)
Price: £11.25 (GBP)
  X477 Set of Three Butterflies
Price: £62.95 (GBP)
  X474 Empire Garland
12 x 12" (305 x 305mm)
Price: £33.65 (GBP)
X426 Leaves
6 x 4" (152 x 102mm)
Price: £5.70 (GBP)
  X399 Birds
36 x 25.5" (914 x 648mm)
Price: £22.45 (GBP)
  X386 Victorian Monogram
Height: 9" (229mm)
Price: £15.65 (GBP)
No image available
for this item
X370 Name - 'Mathew'
6 x 30.5" (152 x 775mm)
Price: £3.45 (GBP)
X363 Christmas
20 x 16" (508 x 406mm)
Price: £16.65 (GBP)
  X338 Victorian Monogram
11.5 x 7.5" (292 x 191mm)
Price: £15.65 (GBP)
  X328 Leaves
9 x 2.5" (229 x 64mm)
Price: £4.45 (GBP)
  X327 Polo Pony
5.5 x 6" (140 x 152mm)
Price: £5.70 (GBP)
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