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In Your Own Words Stencils
If you are looking for a specific quotation, phrase or saying that isn't in our catalogue,
we can create it for you.

Choose an alphabet from over forty highly individual styles
and we'll make your choice of wording into a stencil.
Important stencil information
If this is the first time you've visited this page and would like to order an 'In Your Own Words' stencil, please read the information below as it will help you avoid most of the common mistakes when designing your stencil.
If you have already read this information click here to see the range of alphabets available
Alphabet Heights
Most of the alphabets come in three stock heights - 3 inches (76mm), 5 inches (127mm), and 7 inches (178mm) but can also be customised to your requirements. All alphabets include upper case (capital) letters and numerals and some also have lower case (small) letters. Check under each design for the relevant information. The height measurement ALWAYS refers to the height of the capital letter (fig 1).
How to use In Your Own Words stencils
figure 1
  How to use In Your Own Words stencils
figure 2
When attempting to fit lettering with lower case letters into a restricted space due consideration should be given to the descending strokes (fig 2) and the extra space that these letters need. It is also vitally important to check that your chosen letter height will not make your quotation too long. A simple rule of thumb for estimating the length is to allocate a square of the required height for each letter and space in the quotation. This will ensure that your lettering fits with room to spare (fig 3). Figure 4 shows the lettering spaced in the normal manner.
How to use In Your Own Words stencils
figure 3
How to use In Your Own Words stencils
figure 4
Alphabet Prices
The various alphabets are priced by the letter and fall into three price categories depending on complexity. Most of the alphabets are in Category A - the least complex and the least costly (fig 5). Category B includes alphabets with slightly more decoration (fig 6) and category C has only the Mosaic alphabet and some ornate capital letters (fig 7).
How to use In Your Own Words stencils
figure 5
  How to use In Your Own Words stencils
figure 6
  How to use In Your Own Words stencils
figure 7
Capitals, numerals and lower case are usually charged at the same price with the exception of the Dutch Script and Chaucer fonts. No charge is made for punctuation or stock decorative devices such as end pieces or the swirls in Copperplate and Dutch Script. If you require lettering in a size outside our standard ranges please contact us for a price estimate.
Bridged and non-bridged alphabets
Conventional stencil alphabets must contain a number of bridges or ties in order to reproduce the letters faithfully (fig 8). We try to keep these bridges to a minimum and incorporate them into the style of the alphabet but their presence will always be evidence of the fact that it is a stencil alphabet.
How to use In Your Own Words stencils
figure 8
  How to use In Your Own Words stencils
figure 9
An alternative solution is to use one of our bridgeless alphabets (fig 9). We have designated these as Silhouette Stencils because it is the background that is stencilled, leaving the individual letters as silhouettes. All alphabets listed with the word silhouette in the title belong to this group.
The main difference between a silhouette stencil and a conventional stencil is that instead of your quotation appearing on a single stencil, you receive the individual letters to position inside the allocated space.
The benefits of this form of stencil are many. The letters remain totally authentic without any artificial bridges. The decorator has complete control over layout and spacing and they can be supplied in very large sizes if required - up to 45 inches(1140mm) letter height.
Customised Lettering
It might be your desire to write a quotation in a spiral or a heart shape, or to follow the contours of a particular piece of furniture. (fig 10). With todays advanced computer technology these effects and more are readily available. Please contact us for further information.
How to use In Your Own Words stencils
figure 10
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