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Moths to a Flame stencil section.
Full Moths to a Flame design.
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Design dimensions/information
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23.6 x 25.6" (599 x 650mm)
23.6 x 25.6" (599 x 650mm)
35.4 x 38.4" (899 x 975mm)
35.4 x 38.4" (899 x 975mm)
The standard size for this design is shown above. Please select the quantity you want to order. Unless otherwise stated on this page the dimensions refer to the size of the actual stencil design.
This stencil is supplied in 2 parts.
We are also able to supply this stencil design in a custom size.
This is a 2 part stencil designed to fit around a light fitting on the ceiling (although it can be used anywhere). The small set will have a diameter of 686mm (28.5"), the large 1029mm (43"). The small size will fit around a light fitting of 140mm (5.5") or smaller, the large 210mm (8.25") or smaller. To help with scale, the largest butterfly on the small set is 61mm x 87mm, and 91mm x 131mm on the large set.
The illustration on this page of the Moths to a Flame design is not actual size and may show only part of the stencil. Click the image to see a small scale version of the entire stencil. Any colours shown are only our suggestions from the many possibilities available. All our stencils can be used with any colour paints to match your own colour scheme.
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